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Andrea Bocelli, who is currently on his UK and Ireland tour, has been congratulated on his 64th birthday today by his Instagram team with a touching picture. The Italian tenor is best known for opera singing but is a fan of some big rock stars too.

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Speaking previously with, Bocelli said of Elvis Presley: “There is no denying that Elvis had a great talent. He possessed a pliant voice with extensive range and a soft and enveloping timbre. Plus, he was an extremely charismatic person.”

The King has so many hit songs over his 21-year professional career, so why did the Italian tenor choose the two classic ballads Love Me Tender and Can’t Help Falling In Love to cover in particular?

Bocelli said: “Certainly, this duet by Mercury and Caballé held significant importance with regards to the evolution of classical music into the mainstream during those years. I don’t particularly like labels and, as I have said in the past, I find a certain ambiguity in the term ‘crossover’. Music can, and should, be enjoyed by all without needing to fit into a particular box!”