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Lewis Hamilton’s former trainer Angela Cullen has sent another message to the Mercedes driver after the pair split following the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. No reason was given for the physio’s departure, but she has made her feelings clear about the seven-time world champion on social media.

Hamilton claimed that she was leaving to chase her dreams, as the pair clearly still have a close relationship. She previously penning a touching message to Hamilton and has now shown that she still supports him from the sidelines as she posted a picture of the pair on Instagram from the Monaco GP in 2019.

She captioned the picture: “Monaco MC Memories 2019 Niki Lauda RIP Pole/P1 Incredible focus Incredible weekend Dreams come true Let’s go……” It comes after her previous positive message: “The present moment. Find your stillness. That’s where you create magic. Let’s go.”

While in another Instagram post of the pair, she added: “There is so much noise in the environments we have created around us and chose to live in, constant bombardment of information, from socials, phones, TVs, people around us, even our own minds with habits of overthinking and analysing are contributing to this constant chatter.

“The challenge is to be in the present moment, where nothing else exists, focus and find the quiet! This is where you will find your answers. This is where the magic happens. This is where dreams come true. Let’s go team LH.”

Cullen was one of Hamilton’s closest allies during their seven-year association together at the top of the sport and there were fears that his performance may suffer without her, as time will only tell how the Brit fares without her.