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He has won three caps at senior level since making his debut in 2021 and scored in a 10-0 demolition of San Marino. He got out to Qatar during his rehabilitation and watched the Three Lions beat Wales at the World Cup.

He added: “I spent two weeks at home recovering. Then I went into the club and got straight to work. I went to St George’s Park for a week with my physio which was good because it was a different environment and different faces.

“And I went out to Qatar to train. I went as a fan and it was fun – the games were late and I had to be up at six or seven o’clock in the morning to train because of the heat.

“I went to the Wales game to support England – and obviously the Arsenal boys. It was great to experience that, I really enjoyed it – the atmosphere was brilliant – but luckily no one saw me.”

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