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KUALA LUMPUR, May 26 — BigPay users can now experience greater cashless convenience when they travel to Singapore and Thailand via DuitNow cross-border QR payment feature. This means you can make a payment by scanning the SGQR code issued by Singapore NETS or a Thai QR payment code issued by Thailand’s PromptPay.

According to BigPay, they are among the first to introduce the feature which aims to provide a seamless travel payment experience to users by enabling convenient instant QR payments with competitive foreign exchange rates. This complements BigPay’s physical Visa prepaid card which also enables seamless payments at any merchants worldwide that accept Visa or Visa Paywave.

Using BigPay to pay via QR code in Singapore — Picture via SoyaCincau

To make a QR payment overseas, just launch the BigPay app, tap on Explore tab at the bottom of the screen and then tap on DuitNow QR. From here, you can scan the QR code, enter the amount, review the transaction details including the exchange rate and click pay to complete the transaction. Essentially, the payment process is similar to scanning any DuitNow QR code in Malaysia.

Using BigPay to pay via QR code in Thailand — Picture via SoyaCincau

Using BigPay to pay via QR code in Thailand — Picture via SoyaCincau

In case you missed it, Bank Negara Malaysia and Bank of Thailand announced a cross-border QR payment linkage back in 2021. Under the first phase, Thailand users can use their local apps to scan Malaysia’s DuitNow QR codes. Phase 2 which enables Malaysian users to scan Thai QR codes was scheduled to go live in Q4 2022. With the cross-border QR payment feature enabled by Paynet’s DuitNow QR network, Malaysian tourists can use their own mobile banking or eWallet app overseas, while international tourists to Malaysia can use their local apps to pay at DuitNow QR merchants.

Bank Negara Malaysia officially announced the cross-border QR linkage with Singapore in late March this year, while the cross-border QR linkage with Indonesia’s QRIS QR was announced earlier this month. Interestingly, BigPay didn’t mention its support for Indonesia’s national QR code standard. — SoyaCincau