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She told the BBC: “I was informed they had 100 troops who came and evacuated their staff. They could not cross the road? I’m still very disappointed in them.”

The family says the British Government has not been in touch with them since May 3, the day of the last evacuation flight.

Azhaar said what happened to her grandparents was “a crime against humanity” by the British embassy, as well as the fighting forces. She said they could have prevented the incident.

The UK Foreign Office reiterated the country remains dangerous and says it is taking a leading role to bring peace to the country.

Mr Sholgami has survived and fled to Egypt, where he is receiving medical treatment for his wounds, which were operated on by his son, a doctor, without anaesthetic.

The UK Foreign Office told the BBC: “The ongoing military conflict means Sudan remains dangerous… the UK is taking a leading role in the diplomatic efforts to secure peace in Sudan.”