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Actress Cherie Gil (born Evangeline Rose Gil Eigenmann) has passed away. This was first posted by fellow actress-turned talent manager Anabelle Rama Friday, August 5 and later confirmed, also on social media, by her nephew and actor Sid Lucero. She was 59.

Who doesn’t know the line, “You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!”? Even the millennials and Gen Zs who were born three decades after it was uttered in the film by Cherie as Lavinia Arguelles in the movie, Bituing Walang Ningning, know this by heart.

Dubbed as the “La Primera Contravida” for her acting prowess and contributions to the entertainment scene, Cherie is making headlines once again, as news of her untimely demise trends in the social media as of press time.

It was only in February this year when Cherie flaunted her shaved head on the cover of MEGA Magazine where she looked gorgeous. In the cover story, she revealed that her new look is part of “a rebirth of sorts.”

Her new look may have shocked many of her followers, but the well-loved actress has actually packed up, left the Philippines, and moved to New York.

In the interview, the veteran actress revealed that she grew tired of herself and felt angry and unhappy at the same time. So, when she finally had the chance, she sold all her stuff and moved to New York to be with her kids.

“I just had to make sure that first and foremost, my mental, emotional, spiritual states were getting the priority. I was getting tired of myself. And I was just so angry and unhappy, so I sold everything and packed up,” she said.

Cherie was doing a teleserye at that time when she decided to quit showbiz. She also divulged that she felt scared to start a new chapter in her life but she said she was coming to terms with who really she is after a nearly five-decade career.

“Yes. I am human. We all get scared sometimes, if not often. But I have found my own tools to deal with them. By not focusing on the fears but instead on trust and most of all gratitude,” she explained. In the same interview, Cherie opened up about undergoing therapy and counseling. And as she starts a new chapter in her life, she wants to let people know that her decision to cut her hair is “symbolic to my personal growth.”

“I won’t deny that I have gone to therapy and counseling. Years and years of doing that, I learned that it just boils down to doing the hard work on and with yourself by whatever means. What’s hair di ba? It grows back. It’s symbolic to my personal growth. When a woman is in distress, she cuts her hair,” she concluded. Little did we know that it would be her last interview. Fans and friends in the Philippine entertainment industry mourn her demise and wish her a sweet and happy journey in the afterlife.