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Some of the military movements have indeed been geolocated to the province at places like the city of Xiamen or heading in that direction, although several others have been identified as photos and videos taken from earlier events such as the 2019 Beijing military parade or geolocated to places far from Fujian.

There are also concerns that the Chinese military buildup near Taiwan echoes that of Russia in the lead-up to its February invasion of Ukraine, where a seemingly endless stream of photos and videos showed Russian military vehicles approaching Ukraine from all points of the compass, backing up warnings from some Western intelligence agencies about the forthcoming invasion.

However, this is unlikely to be the case for Taiwan, with the PLA troop movements appearing to be much smaller in scale so far. The gathering of forces also appears to lack the support elements like engineering and electronic warfare units which would be crucial to the success of an actual conflict, making the current movements more akin to a show of force rather than a preparation for war.

Western intelligence agencies have also not suggested that there are indications of anything beyond the planned exercises, making it all the more likely that it is just China expressing its displeasure at Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.