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A dog’s grooming results have left the pet being compared to Pennywise the clown. The dog’s owner posted pictures of the pup only for Reddit users to mock the trim. The photo shows the beloved family pet shaved down to the skin due to the dog’s extremely matted fur and looking pampered and preened. But its ears remain fluffy with the juxtaposition likened to the horror movie character’s strange haircut.

The viral post has gathered more than 18,000 votes and hundreds of comments, however, not everyone is delighted by the doodle’s extreme look.

One Reddit user said “looks like Pennywise,” while another crowned him: “Pennywise the Dog.”

Others were quick to justify the groomer’s conduct, claiming that the owner of the mixed-breed poodle had caused it by neglecting to brush it.

MileHighSoloPilot who presented himself as a groomer said: “I hear horror stories about Doodles at least twice a day. Apparently like 1 out of every 5-10 are so matted underneath the top coat that they need to be shaved down.”

Another self-described groomer Dr-Mantis-Tobogan said: “This shit is BAD. I have never met so many people in denial and incapable of understanding that you need to f****** brush a dog that does not shed or you’re getting a f*****g shave down. Dematting is a very strenuous process for both the dog and the groomer. It can take up to 4 hours to demat a dog. Sometimes longer.”

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Other Reddit users, who claimed to be groomers, confirmed the pet owner had failed to brush the dog enough. 

spidersandclownssuck said: “People don’t understand the special grooming needs of non-shedding dogs. The vet hospital I worked at would get a couple of doodles every summer because maggots would get under the matts. These were always house dogs too. The skin gets moist and humid under the matts and a sore forms from the hair pulling, flies crawl in there and lay eggs.”

According to the Animal Humane Society, dogs should be brushed every couple of days – no matter the length of their coat.