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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney might be two of the biggest names in English football right now, but nothing ever lasts forever. The Hollywood actors are currently riding the crest of a wave after helping Wrexham to win the National League and return to the Football League after a 15 years absence.

The Red Dragons had appeared to be stuck in the fifth tier of English football until their movie star saviours arrived and bought the club lock, stock and barrel in 2021.

A £10m investment later and the working class club from North Wales has just finished the season as National League champions with a record 111 points.

It’s not just on the pitch where the owner’s influence has been felt, however. A hugely successful Netflix documentary ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ has elevated the club’s exposure to an international level and now there are other Hollywood celebrities who are thinking along the same lines.

One, in particular, is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who is reportedly interested in making his own fly-on-the-wall series following cash-strapped Southend United, should a consortium complete a successful takeover of the bankruptcy-threatened outfit.

But despite the wealth of Reynolds and McElhenney turning Wrexham into a Football League club once more, they are small fry compared to former WWE champion The Rock.

Deadpool actor Reynolds is the richer of the Racecourse Ground owners. The Canadian-born actor has a net worth of $350m and although he has made a pretty penny from Hollywood acting, his real wealth has risen via his entrepreneurial endeavours, including Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile.

McElhenney can not live up to that level of affluence but is certainly not struggling with a net worth of $50m. His role in the award-winning It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia series is the secret to his success, but the American also takes on other acting roles.

With a combined net worth of $400m, Wrexham appears to be in safe hands with its current owners, but the brutal reality is that an elite player like Dwayne Johnson could blow them out of the water at any given moment.

The 50-year-old wrestler-turned-actor has an astonishing net worth of $800m, double that of Reynolds and McElhenney combined. If the Los Angles resident decided one day that he wanted to take over Wrexham, he would have little trouble in striking a deal that would be lucrative enough for the Welsh club’s current proprietors to accept.

Fortunately for Reynolds and McElhenney, there is no sign of The Rock forcing an acquisition through at Wrexham anytime soon, as the Jumanji star keeps an eye on the current situation at Roots Hall instead.

But if Wrexham and Southend both end up in the Premier League in ten years’ time we will probably have Hollywood to thank for it.