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Martin Brundle has suggested Lewis Hamilton could follow Michael Schumacher by leaving Mercedes.

The Sky Sports pundit said the seven-time champion could walk away in a similar vein to how Schumacher ditched Benetton for Ferrari in 1996.

He has tipped the Briton to potentially look at joining Ferrari, which is the current closest team to being able to challenge Red Bull.

He said: “But you know, Senna left McLaren to go to Williams, Schumacher went off to Ferrari and it took a long, long time, but he made that work.

“So these great drivers are not scared of going somewhere and then galvanising and getting a lot of new people around them and making something happen.

“I think there must be part of Lewis that thinks. I’d love to go to Ferrari and do a Michael Schumacher if I can’t win my eighth or ninth right now. Why don’t I go and have some fun there?”