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Carlos Sainz admits Ferrari are still trying to understand why they are lacking pace and the changing nature of their car throughout race weekends as they seek their first win of the season in Monaco.

The Spaniard has only finished once on the podium in five races and the 28-year-old says the Italian team are working out the kinks with their design.

“I think what we are going through more this year is understanding the unpredictability of the car, rather than really having a lack of feeling or anything like that,” he told reporters.

“It’s one session you’re at one with the car and then the next session for some reason there’s something a little off, the wind picks up, track temp goes up and you’re immediately not there.

“Also that affects us more on race day than on new tires, soft, low fuel, and it’s something we’re trying to understand, but I feel this year pretty much since FP1 every weekend I’ve been on top of the car, and that’s a good step. It’s a shame that this year the car is not as competitive as last year.”