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A family in the US has been reunited with their missing dog – who turned up a decade after he went missing 1,400 miles away. According to a post in a Facebook group for lost and found pets, one of its members found what appeared to be a beagle in Caldwell, a city in the state of Idaho. She took him to a nearby shelter to be scanned for a microchip and, as luck would have it, the dog was traced to an owner.

That night, Kiera, the person who found the dog, called the owner listed in the microchip scan, Nicolle.

Nicolle was asleep in another timezone when the call came in. She was out of town at the time and thought one of her dogs at home had escaped.

Kiera gave her the address of the dog’s found location and Nicolle replied: “I’m sorry where?”

The finder then clarified that the dog was found in Idaho, which is a 1,400-mile drive from Wichita, where Nicolle lives.

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“These two amazing women are volunteer animal protectors. Without their love and help, we would never have seen a piece of our family again,” she said.

Shae DeBerry, the one who drove Roscoe home, highlighted the importance of scanning stray dogs for microchips.

She wrote on Facebook: “It should be stated that if he had been wearing a collar with tags he would likely have been returned without a microchip scan to the WRONG person. Collars and tags have been put on stolen dogs many times. PLEASE SCAN FOR MICROCHIPS and ask for multiple forms of proof of ownership.”