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However, Russell questioned the decision and then refused to let the 38-year-old drive by. Responding over team radio, Russell tried to justify his move by claiming he needed to close up on Fernando Alonso.

The 41-year-old had received an earlier penalty for a grid infringement and Russell thought this could play into the team’s hands. But, after learning that Alonso had taken the punishment in the pits, Russell then hit out at his race engineer for failing to give him all the information. 

Moaning on team radio, Russell said: “Alonso has a five-second penalty here let’s fight later. I want to manage the tyres a little bit now.” Russell’s race engineer responded: “Alonso served his penalty at the stop.”

But, Russell shouted: “Ah. Again info I need.” Russell continued to fend off his team-mate who eventually dropped back as his tyres began to wear.