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Two schoolgirls aged 13 and 12, who fatally attacked one of their classmates, stabbing her 30 times, did so as part of a “revenge” plot after the victim told their teacher the pair had been bullying her, new details have revealed. In a case that has shaken Germany, the body of 12-year-old Luise was found in a forest two miles from her family home in the town of Freudenberg last weekend with dozens of stab wounds after her parents had alerted the of their missing girl the day before. Reports are now being published that the two suspects, who admitted to the murder on Monday, March 13, lured Luise into the forest to murder her for telling their teacher about their bullying, according to the German newspaper Bild. 

The 13-year-old suspect, who cannot be named and is under the age of criminal responsibility in Germany, which is 14, had reportedly known Luise for years. They took the school bus together and had been in the same class. 

Last Saturday, after Luise had said she was being bullied, she visited the 13-year-old girl’s house. 

Later that day, the second alleged bully, a 12-year-old, met the pair and the trio walked to a nearby forest. 

There, they stabbed Luise more than 30 times with a knife, abandoned her body and called her parents to say she would be home soon. 

After the stabbing, the girls returned to the 13-year-old’s house, where the younger girl was later picked up by her father. 

The elder of the two suspects reportedly then called Luise’s parents to say she  had started walking back home at 5.30pm. 

She asked Luise’s parents to let her know when Luise got back home, calling several times later saying she was “worried” about her. 

Luise’s body was found in the woods the following day, March 12, during a frantic police search of the area involving a helicopter, sniffer dogs and drones. Her parents had reported the girl missing after a few hours on Saturday afternoon. 

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Local residents laid down flowers and placed candles near the wooded area where the body was found.

Hendrik Wuest, the governor of North Rhine-Westphalia, said that the state is “grieving”. He said: “It is incomprehensible and unbearable that children are capable of such horrible acts.”

He promised that the authorities would do all that is possible to uncover the motive and circumstances behind the crime. 

Jurgen Sus, the deputy president of the Koblenz police directorate said he had been left “speechless” by the case despite having served for more than 40 years. 

Luise’s school replaced its homepage with a message of condolence. “We lost our pupil, classmate and friend Luise at the weekend,’ the Esther-Bejarano comprehensive school in Freudenberg said in the statement.

“Far too early, she was violently torn from our midst and from her family. Our thoughts and wishes are with her family and friends now and in the coming days.”