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The Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship, better known under its advocacy Go Negosyo, donated several doses of Covid-19 vaccines to senior citizens belonging to overlooked senior communities in Metro Manila. The groups were tracked down with the help of retired Department of Health officials, former Undersecretary Madeleine Valera and Director Criselda Abesamis, while healthcare services company CIF Central Corp coordinated with the local government units (LGUs) for proper recording of these senior vaccinees.

The seniors were residing in homes caring for the elderly, while some were patients at geriatric clinics. They included senior citizens from a geriatric clinic in Taguig City and a nursing home in Quezon City. Vaccinations were also held for workers and volunteers of Caritas Manila who were unable to get their booster shots because they have been busy attending to the needy.

The vaccinations using Moderna vaccines were held on July 23 and July 26, and for AstraZeneca on July 29. The vaccines were purchased by the private sector through the tripartite agreement, A Dose of Hope (ADOH).

“The elderly are among the most vulnerable to Covid, and these vaccines can help prevent them from becoming severely ill or dying from the disease,” said Go Negosyo founder Joey Concepcion. The elderly are recommended to get second booster shots to safeguard against variants and waning immunity.

Healthcare services company CIF Central Corp. volunteered its services and has been a partner of Go Negosyo in implementing pooled testing and shared vaccination sites. In this latest effort, they provided a full complement of health care workers, ancillaries and logistics.

Concepcion said that in addition to the primary doses of the vaccine, booster shots are necessary to further strengthen immunity. The Department of Health expanded its recommendation for second booster shots for individuals 50 years and older, as well as for those ages 18 to 49 who have comorbidities, in addition to healthcare workers and immunocompromised persons.

Aside from the Covid vaccines, Go Negosyo had previously donated RT PCR testing machines to beneficiary hospitals and laboratories all over the country to give LGUs the tools needed to conduct their own Covid-19 tests. Go Negosyo  also facilitated the installation of the machines and the training of local laboratory personnel in their proper use and maintenance.

Go Negosyo has been an active participant in the country’s pandemic response efforts since the outbreak caused massive lockdowns and economic losses beginning in March 2020. The non-profit led efforts to bring accessible testing innovations to the country under its Project ARK program, and pushed for vaccinations and facilitated the procurement of vaccines under ADOH. It also helped set up shared vaccination centers and facilitated public-private sector dialogue on issues concerning the Covid-19 pandemic.