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and have gone from America’s “golden couple” to “pariahs” in the space of a year, the author of a new satirical novel about the pair has claime. Lisa M Davis believes Hollywood A-listers and politicians are increasingly distancing themselves from the pair, while suggesting in the UK is “playing a good long-hand strategic game” where his son and daughter-in-law are concerned.

Her self-published book, Meghan and Harry’s Alternative Universe, dates back to the barrage of publicity the Sussexes generated with the release of their Netflix series on December 8, which in turn inspired her to begin sharing her thoughts about the pair online.

Ms Davis, who is already working on a second book, says she was “largely indifferent” to Meghan and Harry until the aforementioned date.

However, she has now revised her opinion, branding the situation “a clear remake of the story of Icarus who, like Meghan and Harry, and fuelled by hubris, flew too close to the sun”.

She told “What I have observed is that on December 8, 2022, they were the golden couple with the Midas touch that had every door flung open for them and hordes of groupies – from the LA royalty like Ellen and Oprah to the unwashed masses that saw them – especially Meghan – as some Jeanne D’Arc noble figure fighting for the poor and oppressed as she chit-chatted with Beyonce on her private jet.

“But by the time I finished the book they were shunned and ridiculed as pariahs…and it is getting worse for them.”

She continued: “I think the Americans see them very clearly now. The movers and shakers that they glommed on to – politicians, movie stars, humanitarians, movie moguls, publishers, billionaires – have dropped them. I think they are deemed toxic.

“I think Meghan and Harry are toast. Burnt toast.”

Since the Netflix series, and the publication of Spare, Harry’s controversial memoir in which he claimed to have been physically assaulted by Prince William during a heated row about Meghan, King Charles III, Harry’s father, has “evicted” the couple from Frogmore Cottage, and there is widespread speculation about whether they will be invited to his Coronation on May 6.

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As for whether they would attend the , she said: “I think at least one of them has to in order to retain the last vestige of anything that they can still cling to. I think he will go alone.”

As for Harry’s future relationship with his father, she said: “Maybe the King and Harry can salvage something.

“Other than the King, I can’t see anyone else bothering with them.”

Meghan and Harry’s Alternative Universe is available on Amazon. has contacted the Sussexes via Archwell for comment.