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A woman called her cousin a creep after they bought their baby suggestive clothing. The 24-year-old and their wife are expecting a first child in just three months and had a baby shower to welcome the news. But at the event, the cousin bought them baby clothes bearing questionable phrases, sparking a family feud.

Posting on Reddit’s ‘AmITheA*******’, user throwaway-_-477 accepted they are “nervous, overwhelmed, and very scared”, but wondered whether the “harmless joke” from the cousin went too far.

“Everything was going great until it got to the gifts,” she said. “My cousin handed me a big box with various baby things in it.

“Everything looked adorable until I got to the bottom of the box.

“At the bottom of the box was onesies that said…inappropriate things. Things ranging from ‘Future Backbreaker’ to ‘Was Almost Swallowed’ was written on the onesies in big bold letters.

“It made me incredibly uncomfortable to see those things on things meant for my newborn baby.”

Continuing their story, the woman said her cousin asked what she thought and they fired back that “I think she’s a creep for giving me things like that to put on an infant and she should be ashamed of herself for what she did”.

“She stopped laughing and kinda just stared at me for a bit before getting up and leaving the party,” the mum-to-be added.

“A couple hours later I started getting messages from my cousin telling me that it was hateful what I said to her and that I was being a bitch for jokes.

“She made a post about it on Facebook and people are in the replies saying that I’m blowing it out of proportion and am being a dick for what I had to say to her. That it was harmless and was just supposed to make me laugh.

“Part of me feels like maybe I was just overreacting and like I should feel bad for what I said. Maybe that it was just in the moment and the pregnancy hormones and anxiety are making me react to certain things in a bad way?

“I just don’t understand how anyone could find those things funny.”

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Users overwhelmingly supported the mum, saying her cousin was out of order for the clothing.

Solivagant0 said that “those onesies were incredibly trashy and I think it’s completely normal not to put sexual innuendos on literal babies”.

Another user, Late_Day2439, said: “I wouldn’t be ok with this either if my newborn had something like that. I would throw it out.

“I don’t see how that is funny – honestly only people with a sick sense of humour will think that’s funny.”

User mostpleasantpeasant_ added: “While some are okay with the jokes, others aren’t.”

More users chimed in, with Helga-Zoe saying: “Those onesies were inappropriate and I would never put them on my children.

“Super poor etiquette, plus I wouldn’t want people to be thinking about my husband and I having sex while looking at my baby.

“Obviously that’s how the baby came to be.. but seriously. TBH, I’m not sure how I would have reacted in the moment because I would have been so shocked.

“I think your reaction was completely justified. I definitely wouldn’t have laughed at them; I’m not even sure if I would have gotten the courage to even acknowledge their existence.

“Hopefully she won’t be making that purchase for anyone else’s baby to wear.”

User LoveBeach8 also said: “You called her out for doing such a distasteful, totally classless act.

“She could have just said ‘I’m so sorry. I guess I didn’t think.’ Block her on FB. You don’t need to be reading what her followers are saying.”

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