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But Wright has slammed McEvoy’s apology and told her to “own your f****** racism” as he picked apart her apologetic statement. “There is one person that I want to address directly: the Hampshire councillor Alexis McEvoy. I just want to say to her, please just keep your fake apology to yourself,” Wright added.

“I don’t give a damn about your apology, whether you disagree with my stance, whether you agree. But a ‘black hypocrite’? A ‘typical black hypocrite’? I wanna read her statement.

“She said: ‘I am aware that a tweet I sent and then deleted has caused offence,’ and this is the one, this is the one that you will always get in these racists’ statements, ‘I did not mean to do so and I am deeply sorry’.

“A woman in power, she’s gone onto Twitter and put out something so racist and said she didn’t mean to do so. And then she says, which is another thing that always happen when these people are coming out to protect themselves: ‘I find racism in any form abhorrent. I have therefore reported myself to the monitoring officer at both Hampshire County Council and the New Forest District Council. I have suspended myself from the Conservative groups pending investigations’.

“All I would like to say to her is… please. I would love these racists to come out, who don’t think before they tweet, and own your f****ng racism. Don’t come with these fake apologies about ‘I didn’t mean it’, because these people are the ones that give me energy to continue to try and fight for what is right and speak up for what is right. That is it. That is it for me.”

Councillor McEvoy has been approached for comment.

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