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NEW DELHI/ GENEVA: India is insisting that countries that import wheat from it give a written assurance against re-export and use the grains only for human consumption.
On Wednesday, the UAE ordered a four-month suspension in exports and re-exports of wheat and wheat flour originating from India following a decision taken last week. Other countries which are importing wheat from India are putting in place a similar dispensation.
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Singapore have been identified as destinations for wheat shipments based on a set of parameters devised by a government panel.
In a statement, the ministry of economy of the UAE said the decision has been taken in view of the international developments that have affected trade flows, and in “appreciation of the solid and strategic relations that bind the UAE and India”, especially after the signing of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between the two countries.
It added that India had approved exports of wheat to the UAE for domestic consumption.
The restriction on export and re-export apply to all wheat varieties— hard, ordinary, and soft wheat — and wheat flour, the ministry said. It added that the companies wishing to export and re-export wheat and wheat flour varieties of Indian origin, which were imported into the country before May 13 must submit a request to the ministry to obtain permission to export outside of the UAE. “They must submit all documents and files that help verify the data regarding the shipment in terms of its origin, date of transaction, and any other documents that the ministry may require in this regard,” the statement said.
Soon after announcing the strict export curb on wheat the Indian government had said it did not want the wheat to go in an unregulated manner to places where it might get just hoarded or where it may not be used for the purpose which New Delhi was hoping it would be used for.
Earlier this month, Union food and commerce minister, Piyush Goyal had said that India has put a precondition that wheat exported at a government-to-government level should be used for domestic consumption only and not exported to third countries.