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WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD FOR JOHN WICK CHAPTER 4. Keanu Reeves’ assassin is back in his longest and best-reviewed outing yet. The franchise clearly shows no sign of stopping with a spin-off movie (Ballerina) and prequel TV miniseries (The Continental) already wrapped. And if the end credits scene for John Wick Chapter 4 is anything to go by, it looks like there are plans for even more.

John Wick Chapter 4 concludes with the assassin having a clean slate with the High Table after his duel in Paris, but appears to die from his wounds. Winston and The Bowery King visit his grave next to his wife, although we never actually saw a body, so we’d be very surprised if that tombstone wasn’t fake. Right at the end of the credits, we see Caine, the blind hitman, being reunited with his daughter, whose life is no longer in danger since Wick killed Marquis in the duel.

Yet despite the family reunion, Caine is still in trouble since Akira appeared with a knife ready to attack him before the screen turned black. Fans will remember her from earlier in the movie at the Osaka Continental, where she worked as the hotel’s concierge. The blind assassin killed her father, the manager, Koji and so she clearly wants revenge. So what does this mean for the future of the franchise? There are a couple of possibilities.

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Caine and Akira could get a spin-off movie like Ana de Armas’ Ballerina, which is set between John Wick Chapters 3 and 4. For all we know they could both show up in that ballerina-assassin movie. However, assuming John Wick Chapter 5 happens and resurrects Reeves’ hitman from his “death”, then that storyline could easily be continued there.

At the moment, the star and director Chad Stahelski say they’re done with the franchise, but are open to making more. Given the incredible reviews (currently 95 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes) presumably, a decent box office will follow and the next film be greenlit. Aside from his cameo in Ballerina, we doubt very much this is the last we’ve seen of John Wick.

John Wick Chapter 5 is out now in cinemas and Ballerina and The Continental are yet to have release dates announced.