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The Conservative Party has begun selling £16.99 Flip Flops branded with Sir Keir Starmer‘s face on them in a jibe about the Labour leader’s supposed policy U-turns

The description of the product, available from the Conservative Party website, accuses Sir Keir of having had “more flip flops than Bondi beach”.

It says: “In three years of rudderless leadership, Keir Starmer has had more flip flops than Bondi beach and more launches than NASA.

“Whether it’s small boats or the economy, Labour has a ‘liable to change’ leader who will flip his position if the politics flop to suit him.”

The site adds: “So these one-of-a-kind sandals are the perfect present for all fans of flip flops.”

Rishi Sunak has repeatedly accused Sir Keir of “flip-flopping”, claiming that the Labour leader has reversed multiple pledges.

In a PMQs clash earlier this year, the Prime Minister accused Sir Keir of U-turning on his housing policy.

Speaking about the Labour leader, Mr Sunak said: “He wants to impose top-down housing targets, he wants to concrete over the greenbelt and ride roughshod over local communities.

“Now, previously [Starmer] did say – he’s on record as saying – local people, local communities should have more power, more control.

“Now he’s U-turned. Just another in a long list of broken promises.”

If in Government, the Labour party has pledged to have a target of 70 percent home ownership.

The party has also promised to restore mandatory housing targets as part of an attempt to build 300,000 homes each year.

This year, Sir Keir also admitted he plans to U-turn on the pledge to scrap university tuition fees.

The Labour leader confirmed plans to drop the manifesto pledge, despite having promised to stick to the policy in the race to replace Jeremy Corbyn.