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A lion named after the legendary reggae singer Bob Marley has been killed in an attack by younger rivals after seven years of rule over the Serengeti National Park. Bob Junior, who was also known as Snyggve, did not resist when he was attacked on Saturday by younger rivals. The world-famous lion had been dubbed “King of the Serengeti” by admirers of his epic appearance in viral photos.

The “coolest cat” in the Serengeti National Park was known for being a photogenic animal alongside his brother Tryggve who is also believed to have been killed in a separate attack.

According to Serengeti conservation official Fredy Shirima, the younger rivals would have plotted to depose their leader.

He told the BBC: “These incidents normally happen when the head of a pride becomes old or sometimes when the other male lions are not happy with his control over a large territory.”

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Mr Shirima said that the environment workers are attempting to determine exactly what happened to Tryggve because the attacks that killed the brothers were separate.

Over 3,000 lions live in the 5,700 square-mile Serengeti Park in northern Tanzania, and adult male lions there has a lifetime of eight to ten years.

The Serengeti is famous for hosting the world’s largest annual animal migration, which includes over 1.5 million blue wildebeest and 250,000 zebra, as well as smaller herds of Thomson’s gazelle and eland.