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Lewis Hamilton has seemingly taken aim at George Russell for usually picking the “wrong one” in terms of race strategy after finishing behind his team-mate at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Hamilton and Russell have enjoyed a harmonious relationship in their short time driving together with the seven-time world champion often offering praise for his younger understudy.

But that competitive edge came out at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix when Hamilton began closing in on his team-mate after pitting for fresh medium tyres. It looked as though Hamilton was going to storm past Russell at one stage, but the 25-year-old made a point of team radio that he didn’t want to fight with his compatriot and the F1 veteran eventually fell away.

Hamilton did pay credit to Russell after the race for his result, but did appear to take a sly dig at his team-mate in the process. “We got some great points as a team,” Hamilton said after the race.

“George got third, which is amazing. I went forwards, which is always the hope, to at least go forwards, one foot in front of the other. So I’m really grateful to have come from seventh to fifth.

“Strategy just didn’t work out for me. Set-up was a bit off. I think if I had the set-up that George had I would have been in a bit of a better position.

“Lots to work on but there are positives to take away from it.” When asked whether he has any say in choosing the strategy, Hamilton then went on to mock Russell for usually choosing the “wrong one”.