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However, the Global Water Footprint Report reveals that the UK is only 14th in the world on water usage.

Top of the table is the United Arab Emerates on 2,270 litres followed by the USA on 2,200 and Canada and Israel both on 1,670 litres.

Europe has seen a water shortage this summer, with the Dutch government last week announcing emergency measures like banning car washes.

A briefing shared with from Defra highlights that while there is no crisis currently after a very dry summer, plans are in place to deal with possible drought conditions.

The Defra background briefing notes:

  • Prolonged dry weather this year has led to exceptionally low river flows across much of England and reservoir levels falling across Yorkshire, central and southwest England. Recent high temperatures have added additional pressures on the water environment and wildlife.
  • Most of England has moved to Prolonged Dry Weather status. However, most water companies are maintaining reservoir storage for summer demand.
  • We are working very closely with water companies and other abstractors to take pre-cautionary actions like the recent temporary-use bans (TUB) introduced by Southern Water and South East Water to reduce unnecessary water use, protect customer supplies and ensure the needs of the environment are met.
  • Several water companies are enacting their drought plans where needed to maintain water supply and we will continue to encourage precautionary action to help conserve water supplies and protect the environment. We can all do our part to use water wisely, reduce our usage and manage this precious resource.