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An unruly but loveable dog has been hitting the town in Thailand without his owner, it has emerged. The chocolate labrador, Jumbo, was found by a tourist near a convenience store, way past his bedtime, seemingly on the lookout for anyone willing to give him an extra dinner.

“You’re walking around like butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth, as if you just slept on the couch all night.

“I wouldn’t have known any better but I have some intel on you which I’ll share.”

In another tweet below his first, Niall shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp message from a tourist who had run into Jumbo roaming around without his owner.

Niall said: “A tourist couple sent me this message. Look at the time. Cheeky Jumbo now knows to wait for me to sleep and get back home before I’m up.

“He pretends he is a hungry street dog at 7-Eleven and gets people to buy him extra meals.”

The WhatsApp message, showed Jumbo being petted by a woman, who was “wondering if he’s missing”, near the popular supermarket chain 7-Eleven.

In another video, Niall, poked fun at his canine companion, saying: “Jumbo is in a bit of a mood today, because he’s not really allowed down to 7-Eleven or the tattoo shop, because his legs are a little bit bad.

“But we have medication to manage it. I’m just keeping a close eye because he will very likely make a run for it. He pretends he’s asleep and then he’ll run to 7-Eleven or the tattoo shop. You don’t get though jumbo aren’t you? Just sleeping up!

Despite breaking his curfew, Niall still expressed a lot of affection for Jumbo, writing: “I’ve never known a dog quite like him. He knows about 20-30 humans in the area who love him.

“All the dogs are also protective of their areas and bark like crazy if other dogs or humans approach. Jumbo walks through all areas slowly without a care in the world. Never phased [sic].”

“Jumbo just has one of those big soft innocent dog faces but under it all I think he’s 60% human and 40% dog.

“Independent. Friendly. Loves to play like a puppy even though he is about 10. Wise. Easily the best character of a dog I’ve ever known.”