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A man has accused his girlfriend of trying to run him over after he asked her for a hot chip. Adelaide Magistrates Court heard Matthew Finn allege that Charlotte Harrison, 42, had attempted to run him over after making the request during a road trip last year. He made the startling claim during a bail hearing as Ms Harrison faced charges of aggravated endangering life and driving in a reckless or dangerous manner.

The court heard that Mr Finn had asked for a chip from the defendant’s chicken and salad pack as they travelled through Melbourne in her Subaru on the afternoon of Sunday, February 26.

Speaking to Nine News outside the courthouse, Mr Finn said he “shouldn’t have asked for the chip”.

He alleged that, after he took the chip, Ms Harrison “pulled over and asked me to get out”.

The defendant has denied the allegations, claiming that she asked Mr Finn to get out of the car after he attempted to assault her.

She said she had driven to his aid that day after he called her to say he was unwell.

Speaking on her behalf, her duty solicitor told the court she was “not intending on harming” Mr Finn.

After she asked him to leave the vehicle, she said she had seen him “run off” and attempted to U-turn on the road and drive to Norwood Police Station.

But, instead of hitting the brake pedal, Ms Harrison’s solicitor explained that she hit the accelerator.

The court heard that she had accepted CCTV footage provided by police showed what “might look like there was an attempt to endanger the complainant’s life” as she raced forward and crashed into a pole.

She later crashed into another vehicle while travelling in the opposite direction.

The duty solicitor told the court that Ms Harrison had alleged Mr Finn had previously assaulted her.

She also alleged he was a drug user who spent time in prison.

The defendant told the court she “complied with police” and “did not flee the scene of the accident”.

But Magistrate Ben Sale said he was concerned that Ms Harrison was a “flight risk” and described CCTV footage of the incident as “concerning”.

The Magistrate ordered a home detention bail inquiry report and said he would likely release her under those orders depending on the outcome.

Prosecutors are set to make allegations, with Ms Harrison due to conclude her bail application in the court on Friday, March 3.