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Martin Brundle ignored Will Smith’s security guard as he enjoyed a hilarious chat with actor Will Smith. The Sky Sports commentator approached the former Oscar winner but appeared to be rebuffed.

After facing the confrontation, Brundle said: “I think we’re all organised. It’s okay. I think we’re… one question, plus VAT.” He then went on to say: “Will, good to see you on the grid. Are you team Lewis this evening?”

Smith responded: “Team Lewis that’s my guy, That’s my guys, I was out late last night so I lost my voice a little but but always team Lewis.” Brundle commented: “I think Lewis needed a big night out last night as he had a pretty difficult qualifying.”

However, he then defied the security guard and decided to answer another question on Hamilton’s F1 movie project.

He asked: “Are you going to be in the new Formula One movie?” Smith replied: “I haven’t been asked yet but I would love to. I might have to work on this gut though, It doesn’t fit in the car too well.”

 Brundle then made a subtle dig at the request, laughing: “I think my one question is over. Really good to see you.”