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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they will be returning to the UK in a surprise visit next month to look in on “charities close to their heart” in Manchester and London. Their visit will fall during a busy time for Her Majesty as she prepares for a week jam-packed with constitutional duties.

Harry and Meghan will be in the UK on September 5, the same say day Britain’s next Prime Minister will be chosen by Conservative Party Members.

The Queen will then invite them to form a government on September 6.

Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti said their visit will “pull focus” from the Queen.

He added: “Much of the British public is disappointed with how they have conducted themselves since they left, so their upcoming visit might be a mistake.

“The Royal Family normally works hard to coordinate the public events of each individual Royal so they don’t clash with one another.

“But Harry and Megan‘s visit will take place during the exact week that the Queen returns to London to officially meet with the country’s new prime minister.

“That’s an unnecessary and provocative distraction.”

While no private visit to members of the Royal Family has been announced, Meghan and Harry have been tipped to stop to see the Queen if her schedule will allow it.

However, it has been reported that the 96-year-old Monarch may invite the new Prime Minister to Balmoral or carry out her duty via video link if her episodic mobility issues prevent her from travelling.

This will be the first time the couple has visited the UK since the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations earlier this year when they kept a relatively low profile despite fears they may try to overshadow the weekend.

They were only part of one official engagement and watched the Trooping the Colour parade in London from a window, while not taking part in the carriage procession.

A spokesperson for the US-based royals said they were “delighted” to be coming to the UK.

The latest trip comes as Harry has reportedly filed another legal challenge against the Home Office over his security row.

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Last month the Duke won his bid for a High Court review over the decision not to allow him to personally pay for police protection for himself, his wife, and their kids when on British soil.

His request came after the prince lost his taxpayer-funded police security when stepping back from royal duties.

Mr Sacredoti accused the couple of “expecting the perks, but none of the responsibilities” of royal life.

He added: “It seems now they want to carry out public visits to British charities to emulate the very type of work they left behind as working royals. They want all the personal attention of being royals without any of the restrictions or rules that protect the institution.

“They’re trying to play the royal game without keeping to the royal rules.”