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Emilie Nutley said she doesn’t spend anything extra at Christmas because she sells old clothes and toys on Vinted in order to pay for new Christmas presents. She’s been selling and listing things she doesn’t use around her home for the last few weeks and has already made £192.90.

It looks like it could be a bleak winter for many but Christmas doesn’t have to be a complete wash out.

Emilie Nutley is one of a number of people who are having a clear out and selling things online to pay for presents this festive season.

She told “I’m currently selling our old clothes and clothes my little boy has grown out of on Vinted and using the balance to buy Christmas presents and new clothes we need.

“I’ve also asked my family to get us things we need like a high chair and weaning stuff, rather than soft toys and clothes, because they’re the more pricey items that we need.”

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Although she does buy some Christmas presents out of her own money, she doesn’t go overboard and she’s teaching her fiance to be more thrifty too.

Emilie added: “Ultimately I will only be buying a few Christmas gifts out of my own pocket, most will be items made by my crafty friends such as jewellery or leather crafts.

“My fiance loves it because I’m doing all the work – listing, packaging and sending his clothes as well as my own.

“It means we have a balance so he can buy things he needs or for Christmas gift ideas he sees on Vinted, meaning he spends less overall too.”

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Emilie is one of a number of money experts who have been sharing how they are spending less this Christmas.

The Lifestyle blogger Becky Derybshire said her family are doing a big swap this year instead of spending money.

She explained: “We are all bringing things we no longer need or use so we can all swap with each other instead of buying anything new.”

Another lady, Megan Micklewright, said: “I am buying a lot of things second hand and been selling my daughters old toys to make some extra cash to make way for new toys this year.

Meanwhile, Katie Watkins who runs Katie Saves said she pays for Christmas by making money in advance.

She said: “A large portion of my Christmas pot was funded by side hustles – earning cash and vouchers.”

I recently wrote about how I buy all of my Christmas gifts and treats without it costing me a penny. 

As well as selling stuff I no longer use online, I’ve also switched banks – I’ve done it loads of times and have never had a problem.

Nationwide and HSBC are currently offering customers £200 to switch, while first direct is giving people £175.