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A new Artic front from Canada is headed toward the northern US and threatening New England with potentially the coldest weather in decades. Wind chill advisories have been issued for most of New England as forecasters expect speeds to reach as high as 60mph. Forecaster Stephen Morgan warned some areas could experience temperatures as low as -40F because of the strength of the chill.

Meteorologist Stephen Morgan said: “We’re talking 50, 60mph with these wind gusts, visibility expected to be reduced significantly.

“A few counties in Maine but it really does tell that story, what we’re expecting in the northeast.

“As we transition from the Midwest and the Great Lakes to the northeast and New England, we’re watching pretty carefully these temperatures because they are going to tumble significantly.

“More than they tumbled all year long, which I know isn’t saying much but how about 2017, or even 2016. Very cold air, it’s been that long since parts of the northeast has experienced that type of air.”

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Morgan continued: “As we head into Friday, look at these temperatures – in the negatives, sub-zero, and even colder air expected to move in Saturday morning and during the day on Saturday we’re still going to be locked into that chill.

“And yeah, parts of Main could be experiencing a blizzard, why not? Wind chill warnings are already in effect for all of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and parts of New York right close to the finger lakes too. Further south a little closer to the Hudson Valley, those wind chill advisories in effect.”

He told Fox Weather: “In some locations, that cold air will uninhibitedly just usher in, get a little closer to the I95 corridor.

“This is an idea of where we are expecting those negative 20, negative 40 readings and even worse than that.”

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They said: “Highs on Friday from the Midwest to the Interior Northeast/New England will be in the single digits and teens, with some negative single digits for locations closer to the Canadian border in New England.

“Locations closer to the coast along the I-95 urban corridor will see highs in the teens and 20s.

“The cold weather will continue into Saturday for the Northeast, with a few record-tying/breaking lows in the single digits possible Saturday morning for the New York City area and in the negative single digits for the Boston and Providence areas.

Gusty northwesterly winds upwards of 20 to 30 mph will lead to dangerously cold wind chills between -25 to -35 for portions of the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest.”