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“But physical talents hasn’t always equaled physical fitness. It certainly hasn’t equaled mental readiness throughout the course of his career. Navigating through Wimbledon, getting through best-of-five-set matches, playing in these pressure moments – those are all good things for Kyrgios

“It would have gone one of two ways off the heels of Wimbledon. Traditionally, when he’s done well, he’s kind of been satisfied and maybe coasted through the next couple of months. It’s a big, big deal to me that he goes into Washington, which is a pretty big event in the lead-up to the U.S. Open.

“Brutal condition;.to go through singles and doubles and not to tap out mentally or physically is a big, big sign. Getting through a tough tournament like that in D.C with those conditions is a big sign for Nick Kyrgios and I think it puts him into the top two, maybe three, favourites for the US Open.”