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In recent years, the emergence of recycled fabrics and clothing rental companies has given shoppers more eco-friendly ways to buy clothes, and in the long run can help people save hundreds.

Grace, who has just launched a new YouTube Edition about eco-friendly fashion explained the different ways people can start their sustainability journey.

She said: “I always say find sustainable swaps that work for you. So what works for one person might be travelling less, but might not work for another person who might rather eat less meat.

“I personally am really into fashion, and I love nice clothes and want to be able to engage in the fashion industry. So the ways I’m able to do that is by shopping through resale and rental for a number of these different things.

“There are so many money saving aspects that come into that. So resale, for example, if you want to designer a bag, usually, if it’s worth buying, you’ll still want it next season and you can buy it on resale in perfect condition for about half the price.