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The Council on Foreign Relation’s contributors, Lyon Nishizawa, Nathanael Cheng, Lindsay Maizland, Amber Duan, and Eleanor Albert, wrote in 2022 that among those weapons, North Korea had the likes of “sulfur mustard, chlorine, phosgene, sarin, and VX nerve agents”.

In a piece outlining North Korea’s capabilities, the authors noted how Kim’s regime was able to “produce nerve, blister, blood, and choking agents”, with up to 5,000 pieces of equipment waiting to be used in warfare.

They continued: “These toxins can be fired using a variety of conventional shells, rockets, aircraft, and missiles. The army also manufactures its own protective suits and detection systems for chemical warfare.”

Kim was also believed to have other biological weapons, despite the country being part of the 1987 Biological Weapons Convention, which banned the production and stockpile of such arms.

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