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Prince Harry has been blasted for throwing “his family to the Lions’ by a royal biographer. Speaking on GB News, Angela Levin also branded the Duke as “malicious” and “appalling”, arguing that despite claims that he wanted reconciliation with the firm following the fallout of last month’s Netflix series and his recent memoir Spare, this would prove difficult

She said: “He has said he’ll agree to come in a very patronising way but it’s as if he’s doing all the organising and he says that he wants to talk first to go through everything.

“He wants an apology, especially for Meghan.

“Now you can bet your socks that he’s not just going to accept one apology.

“He’s going to want about 3,000 for things they’ve done wrong.

“We’ve seen that from his book and it will go on and on and on.

“And you can’t let somebody whose been so malicious win, you just can’t.

“It’s nothing to do with family, he’s thrown his family to the lions. He’s been absolutely appalling.”

Earlier, host Dan Wootton asked Ernest Owens why he thought that the Duke and Duchesses of Sussex should attend the coronation and be allowed on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

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“So you all supporting Harry being cancelled, the Sussexes being cancelled out of Great Britain. I am surprised.”

A fuming Mr Wootton raged that the Duke could return to the UK as a private citizen.

He said: “You know what, Ernest, he can come back as a private citizen. He cancelled himself.”