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One fan commented: “I’ve always said Princess Charlotte was the image of the Queen… it’s in the look of determination.”

Another added: “I always said it/Little princess is her great grandmom’s image.”

A third user agreed that Charlotte appears determined, writing: “Princess Charlotte is the one that you won’t want to mess with. She has her great-grandmother’s head, her grandmother’s heart and her mother’s looks and courage but her own personality.”

Like her late great-grandmother, the fans believe Charlotte would have made a great monarch, with one fan adding: “I wish she was firstborn. How amazing a queen she would be!”, while another said: “I wonder if Princess Charlotte might become Queen if Prince George decides it’s not for him.”

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This comment led to a discussion over whether George, who was described as seemingly “uncomfortable” in the spotlight, will abdicate – meaning Charlotte would become Queen.

Another user commented: “Perhaps he will decide to lead a private life as an adult and hand the role to his sister Princess Charlotte who is already showing a steely determination like HM the Queen, even at only eight years old.” But this is very unlikely to happen.

Last September, at the late Queen’s funeral, Charlotte proved her strong personality during a “cute” exchange with her elder brother.

The siblings were captured exchanging words as they waited for her majesty’s coffin to be placed onto the royal hearse.

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In the sweet moment, the then-seven-year-old took it upon herself to remind George of what he needs to do.

She can clearly been seen saying: “you need to bow” to George.

One fan stated that they are “pleased” that the siblings have each other to lean on for “support”.

Charlotte and her brothers were present at the King’s Coronation earlier this month.

The young royal appeared to take on the role as protective big sister as she held hands with Prince Louis as the pair followed their royal parents into Westminster Abbey.

The day after the Coronation, the Prince and Princess of Wales appeared publicly, with one fan asking them where Charlotte was.

The Prince of Wales told royal fans that his daughter was “very tired” after making sure her little brother behaved himself.