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Tom Holland made the comments during a discussion at Chalke Valley History Festival with his brother James, programme director of the event. Mr Holland who specialises in mediaeval history had been asked to name who he thought the best monarch since William the Conqueror was.

Although his description does not sound very flattering Mr Holland was keen to emphasise that Her Majesty was very intelligent.

He said that the fact that she “never says anything interesting” was “heroic”.

The historian added that people will “encounter a dislocating twist that the past has gone” when she dies and labelled her “the model of a constitutional monarch”.

He said: “She is transcendently boring. She never says anything interesting.

“We know that she is a very witty woman, very clever.

“She has persevered in an actually heroic show of being boring throughout her reign.”

James Holland added that the Queen held herself to high moral standards unlike other people in positions of power.

Tom Holland named Richard III as one of the worst monarchs. 

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Richard, who was then Duke of Gloucester, was supposed to protect them, however he declared that they were illegitimate.

The boys were last spotted playing on the green at The Tower of London.
Mr Holland described Richard as a “terrible king”.

He added: “If he’d done his job, the Yorkist dynasty would have been absolutely secure, but because he grasps after the crown, he murders his nephews.”