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Red Bull were the team to beat in 2022 as they dominated the on-track action. The manufacturer won 17 of the 22 races on their way to claiming the constructors’ title by a huge 205 points from the nearest challenger Ferrari. 

Verstappen was once again the main man for his team, winning a record-breaking 15 races over the course of the year as he beat Charles Leclerc to the championship by 146 points. 

Given their dominance last season, Red Bull are widely expected to be the team to beat again in 2023. However, Horner is more cautious, insisting he expects the battle to be closer in the coming campaign as the team launch car for this year, the RB19. 

“I think it’s going to be much more competitive this year,” he told the Daily Mail. “I think Ferrari and Mercedes will have, for sure, made progress, and I think we don’t actually know the full impact that the [cost cap] handicap will have on us yet. 

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“The team are doing a phenomenal job in trying to maximize the time that we have in the wind tunnel, they’ve responded to that challenge admirably, but only time will tell what effect it has on track. 

“This time of year is always the important bit… it’s the planning and the build-up that dictates how the rest of the year will run, so there’s a lot going on. It’s always full of nervous anticipation.” 

Meanwhile, former F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya has suggested that the team should be more concerned about Mercedes than they are of Ferrari in the year ahead with the Prancing Horses prone to too many errors. 


“If I was Red Bull, I would be looking more to what Mercedes can bring than what Ferrari can bring,” he told Autosport. “If you look at the Ferrari pitstops, the strategies, you go like ‘who the hell is making those calls?’

“It’s hard to say, because I know under pressure it’s tough to make decisions, but if you’re not the person making the right decisions, you need to get somebody else, I think. No?

“Or maybe if he is the right person, he needs to have better support around him to be able to do what he does. But something’s missing because the mistakes are too often with the strategies they make.”