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Red Bull fans have slammed the team’s New York car launch after the dramatic event flopped. Red Bull started the show with footage of their 2022 car before interviewing team boss Christian Horner. 

However instead of showing their new 2023 machine, Red Bull athletes from across different sports were interviewed on stage. But, this was not popular with fans with dozens posting a simple “zzzzz” on YouTube while watching. 

Others described the show as”cringe” and suggested they “didn’t care”. Users also demanded the team just get on with showing the car. The backlash continued on social media with supprotes rinsing the team on Twitter.

@VinayakPande posted: “This Red Bull Racing launch is trying my patience a bit. No disrespect to the Red Bull sponsored athletes, but maybe promote them during a race weekend and just get on with revealing the car? @missklovatt added: “’’m so used to Red Bull being so slick and well-presented for these things. What, did the marketing interns put this together?.”