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For the most effective means to trap heat, Ms O’Conner suggested opting for thermal-lined roman blinds, as these are designed to offer effective temperature control all year round.

She said: “Roman blinds are great at maintaining a warm level in the home, as they create a thick layer of thermal lined, quality fabric that blocks any heat from escaping through the windows.”

However, Unbeatable Blinds experts said: “Aluminium coated blinds with honeycomb pockets are particularly good at regulating temperature as they trap air inside.

“This creates a thermal barrier between the window and your home, reducing heat loss by up to 40 percent.”

If this isn’t an option, self-adhesive window film is another quick win when it comes to reducing energy consumption.

Mr Daines said: “Applying it over window glass can help the home to retain heat as autumn temperatures dip. And with a wide range of textures and patterns available, it can also be an inexpensive way to give a room a new look and feel. Perfect for the change of season.”

Cover bare floors

While hardwood and tile floors can look tidy and chic, it also means cold feet as homes lose their summer heat.

Mr Daines said: “Carpeting the property, or simply adding rugs for the autumn and winter months, can help the property to retain its heat and keep feet toasty warm.”

Switch to LED light bulbs

Another simple trick to make a property more energy efficient and reduce bills is to install energy-saving LED light bulbs.