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A spy who was reselling drones bought by volunteers to send to Donetsk has been captured and jailed, the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has reported. activists from the Cyber Resistance group uncovered what appear to be messages from Slack, a communication platform, in which Mikhail Luchin spoke in favour of pro-Russian paramilitary groups.

Russian Mikhail Luchin was described as a “special military operation volunteer”, in reference to the phrase the Kremlin adopts when referencing the invasion of Ukraine.

He is also believed to have been a drone operator who would film Russian attacks on Ukrainian soil.

His status was made evident to the Ukrainian forces when he filmed the use of chemical weapons by the Russian Army.

It is believed he posted videos of Russia dropping K-51 grenades on Ukrainian positions from a drone.

The K-51, a Soviet-developed grenade, sprays a cloud of chemicals after the fuse ignites.

Without a gas mask, those caught in the smoke risk suffocating as their airways become clogged.

It has not been reported where the video of the K-51 used by the Russian army took place.

Additionally, Ukrainian hackers obtained evidence that Luchin is engaged in the resale of drones that volunteers buy and send to Donetsk.

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On Thursday, Polish authorities said they had detained nine members of a Russian spy ring who they claimed were gathering intelligence on weapons supplies to Ukraine and making plans to sabotage the deliveries.

Six people were charged with preparing acts of sabotage and espionage, and charges are being prepared against the other three.

“Evidence indicates that this group monitored railway lines. Their tasks included recognising, monitoring and documenting weapons transports to Ukraine,” the interior minister, Mariusz Kaminski, told a news briefing on Thursday morning.

“The suspects were also preparing sabotage actions aimed at paralysing the supply of equipment, weapons and aid to Ukraine.”