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The news comes as more weapons and supplies are reaching Ukrainian defence forces who are not only holding off Russian advances but now pushing them back. With Vladimir Putin’s forces now seemingly in stagnation in eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin’s dreams of a quick and effective “special operation” are fast becoming a nightmare.

Taking to Twitter to argue why Russian plans are doomed, military expert Nicholas Drummond described some of the reasons military equipment and united support of Ukraine is proving so decisive.

He wrote: “Scholz + Germany in partnership with Macron and France, Johnson and Britain, Biden and America, Morawiecki and Poland, and many others, show there is more that unites us than divides us.

“Such solidarity with Ukraine suggests that Russian plans to subsume it are doomed.”

The expert went on to explain Putin’s plans for a short war are also now fast becoming a pipedream.

He continued: “The war in Ukraine seems unlikely to be over soon.

“Today, Scholz expressing his commitment to Ukraine for as long as it needs Germany’s support is a clear admission that Putin will not be allowed to succeed in Ukraine.

“Putin has awakened a sleeping giant.”

Germany has finally approved the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine with supply of seven Panzerhaubitze 2000 Howitzer cannons, with France and The Netherlands also providing variants of the Howitzer to Ukraine, giving Kyiv a geographical advantage in defending key cities in the country.

Many took the opportunity to criticize Berlin for its late reaction to helping Ukraine, yet this delay was commended by Mr Drummond who said: “Don’t criticise Germany for being late to the party.

“After 1945, it wanted to become a country known for its economic strength, not its military might.

“Its industry has since set a global standard. It has been a fantastic European partner and deserves international respect.”

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Mr Drummond blamed Putin for the war, suggesting the Russian President has alienated himself and Russia from the world due to his actions.

He concluded: “Ultimately, Putin has sacrificed Russian lives for no substantive gain.

“He is bankrupting Russia’s economy and has trashed its international reputation.

“These things will only be restored when Russia decides to get rid of him.”

With the war now fast approaching its fifth month, Russian losses have been heavy, and could potentially worsen as more Western aid reaches Ukrainian defences.

Economic sanctions on Russia are also starting to bite as the ability to fund the production of more weapons is making the re-supply to front lines ever harder, adding to a demotivated and under-resourced Russian front line.

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