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A Starbucks customer has been left unimpressed after she realised an employee at the chain was flirting with her. The customer spotted a “secret message” on her coffee from the barista.

The “secret message” was alongside an arrow that travelled down to the bottom of the cup where a small paragraph warns about the hot liquid inside.

Normally the text reads: “Careful, the beverage you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot.” However, the barista had crossed out several of the words so that it read: “Careful, you’re extremely hot.”

The woman, who posts under the username @chance_twins alongside her sister, said she would avoid going to that branch of Starbucks in the future to avoid facing the barista again.

She captioned the video: “What just happened at Starbucks? Never going back there.”

Fellow TikTok users were divided over the barista’s move. While some thought it was “cute”, others questioned how many other people the barista had done this to.

One said: “That was smooth, not going to lie.” Another said: “It’s cute, girls say guys never do anything. He just put his heart out to you.”

However, another countered: “I’m wondering how many other girls he did that to.”