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A tattooed woman, who identifies as a married bi-sexual female, has hit out at people for judging her tattoos and dress sense in a brutal rant. She took to social media platform TikTok to call out “revolting” and “disgusting” people who “laughed at her” because of her tattoos.

Walking across a car park, the TikTok video said: “I am so p**sed off at the way people have looked at me and laughed at me today because of the dress I’m wearing and my tattoos.”

She said a lady walked up to her to tell her: “You should be ashamed of yourself, that is disgusting, you look revolting.”

She said she hit back, saying: “How dare you!”

The woman who goes by the TikTok handle @sweetheartnan66 added: “People need to grow up and get a brain and stop being so rude. Seriously, it’s not called for. Why can’t they just accept that it’s only a fricking tattoo?”

As she took her trolly to her car from the supermarket, she appeared amazed at “how upsetting people can be” before using the f-word.

In another video, she later apologised to her 28,500 followers. “I’m sorry guys. I’m just so disgusted in people and their attitudes towards tattoos and piercings and boobs.”

She said she was “embarrassed” by the “amount of men” who are “staring at my breasts”, later describing their behaviour as “rude”.

“That really did upset me today. I feel good about me, I feel good about how I dress, I love who I am.”

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TikTok users in the comment section quickly supported her calling her “gorgeous” and “beautiful” and telling her to ignore critics.

Leah Langtry said: “They are the problem. Not you.”While Abby Rene commented: “Show your s***, you are gorgeous.”

tessholliday said: “You look beautiful!!!!!”

Rubi said: “They’re mad you look cooler than them.”

Haley joined the chorus of support, saying she “immediately” found her look “amazing” before adding: “I love seeing older generations with tattoos.”