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has called out  after his victory over . The pair were both recently ranked by the WBC in their latest cruiserweight ratings with Fury placed at No39 and Riley at No40.

Now, the latter is keen to start climbing the ladder starting with the ex-Love Island contestant. In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Riley said: “I’ve seen him say in multiple interviews, ‘my goal is to be a world champion, mans not trying to do this YouTube ting. 

“‘They think I’m a YouTuber, mans a fighter.’ He preaches that, he preaches that he wants to be a world champion. I am currently not world championship quality, I have the potential to be and I will get there but as it stands I’m not.

“So if you have aspirations of being a world champion as do I, we’re close in ranking, it would be a massive fight. People would turn out for you, people would turn out for me. 

“If that’s your aspiration then why look anywhere else? Most people in those rankings aren’t going to bring anything to the table apart from a hard fight and a potential L for Tommy.”

, Viddal added: “I see the talk about you fighting JJ () or Salt Papi but if you’re preaching you’re on this world championship ting those man should be the furthest things from your brain.”

Earlier this week, Fury Sr told Express Sport via Free Bets when discussing his son’s next steps: “I think at this moment in time conventional boxing will have to go on the backburner because boxing is a business, and you have to go where the money is. Whoever is a big name, who brings stuff to the table we’re interested in.

“Yep, we’re interested in KSI, he can have it next if he wants. We’re interested in the Salt Papi’s of the world, everybody with a name who thinks they can have a go, can have a go. Even with conventional boxing. If they want to pay the same sort of money as these guys are paying, we’ll do the conventional boxing as well, but, after where we’ve been you can’t really box at York Hall, can you?”