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George Russell meanwhile, was fourth, continuing his consistent run of a top-five finish in every Grand Prix so far this season. But the ‘Silver Arrows’ were still plagued by the issue of porpoising, with the FIA agreeing last week to address the issue after Hamilton voiced safety concerns.

And despite mass experimentation already this season, the notion remains that the Constructors’ champions remain way off the pace set by Verstappen’s team and Ferrari. And Wolff, 50, has now candidly admitted Mercedes have looked at the design of the RB18 ahead of next season, and may copy the model to accelerate airflow underneath the car and increase downforce.

“I think before you start on next season, you need to understand what the problem is,” Wolff told Sky Sports, when asked if the team planned to modify the W13 cars in 2023. “I think what was interesting to see here, when you compare the ride height of the cars, [is that] Red Bull has been a massive outlier, it actually has rake again in the car, [whereas] we are on the far end, with a car that’s flat on the ground.”

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