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Aston Martin have made their intentions to challenge for titles in the near future clear, but the team are enduring a tough season and are only ahead of Williams in the 2022 Constructors’ Championship. Kravitz has described Alonso’s decision to switch Alpine for Aston Martin as ‘all a bit odd’. He added: “It’s fairly standard Fernando Alonso career behaviour that he is betting on a marked improvement in the next three years!

“That is, though, the other thing I find slightly perplexing about the whole thing, that at best, it’s going to take three years for Aston Martin to be able to win races and challenge for championships. By which point, Fernando will be 44. He’s fit as a fiddle, and he’s as into F1 as he ever was, his break refreshed him, and he’s not running out of steam like Sebastian Vettel has. But, really?”