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Tottenham‘s board have knocked back any suggestions that they haven’t fully backed their managers in the transfer market in recent years after the supporters’ trust sent through some difficult questions. Tottenham are once again embroiled in a tough battle this season to finish inside the top four.

Antonio Conte recently stated that the club need to lower their expectations on where they should be in the Premier League table pointing at rival teams “who can invest £200m or £300m”. It appeared to be a dig at Tottenham’s inability to match the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea in the transfer market.

He also added that it was a “miracle” that Tottenham finished inside the top four last season and indicated earlier in the season that he wanted to be backed in the market like Eddie Howe and Mikel Arteta have been at Newcastle and Arsenal respectively. The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust used Conte’s views to pose a question to the club officials on whether the manager’s comments “align with the board’s philosophy for achieving success?”

Tottenham’s board replied: “Like everyone at the club, our head coach wants the team to compete for top honours. The club has invested heavily in the squad. This is a continual process with the aim of standing the club in good stead on the pitch for years to come.

“Since opening the stadium in April 2019 we have spent more than £500m putting us in the top quartile of spending in the Premier League – and we have made significant investments in the Women’s team too.

“In addition to the summer investment of over £200m we have committed to a further £47m spend this January. Despite this we consistently see references to our perceived lack of backing for head coaches and lack of spending.