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A witness has described the horrifying moment a father realised his three-year-old son had died after being forgotten in the backseat of his boiling car for six hours. Newaz Hasan had dropped his eight-year-old son at Glenfield Public School on Thursday morning, after which he drove to get petrol and then returned home, where he parked the car and went inside, leaving his three-year-old son in the back of the car. He had intended to take the child to his daycare but had forgotten, leaving him in the backseat while he worked at home, only discovering the toddler when he drove back to Glenfield to pick up his oldest child.

Eyewitness Mujammel Hossain was on his way to the local school to collect his daughter when he stumbled across the distraught dad.

“He was screaming and his (oldest) son was crying,” said Mr Hossain. “I told him to call an ambulance but he couldn’t talk on the phone so I spoke to Triple Zero.

“He took the boy out of the car and took him inside the bottle shop. The father did CPR so many times but there was no response.”

Mr Hossain said he could tell immediately by Arikh’s condition that he had already died. He was extremely hot with “no pulse”.

After the paramedics arrived to attend to the toddler, Mr Hossain described the moment the devastated dad told him: “He’s not going to be okay”. 

Mr Hossain said Mr Hasan later told him he was doing the drop off when he noticed that Arikh was asleep in the back of the car.

Mr Hasan told Mr Hossain repeatedly that he “just forgot, I just forgot” as he became overwhelmed with the shock of his son’s death. 

Mr Hossain later said that the hysterical father punched the rear glass window of his car following the revelation that his son had passed. 

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