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Donald Trump has raged against Ron DeSantis, calling him a “wheelchair over the cliff kind of guy” for his stances on axing elderly welfare. The former President has been rattled as Republicans refuse to clear a path for him to seek re-election in 2024, with the Florida Governor especially in his crosshairs.

Despite not officially declaring his intention to run, Trump has repeatedly jabbed at DeSantis, and in his latest broadside accused the Governor of attacking welfare programmes.

“Great Poll numbers are springing forth for your favourite President, me, against Ron DeSanctus (& Biden)”, Trump gloated on Truth Social.

“I guess people are finding out that he wanted to cut Social Security & raise the minimum age to at least 70, at least four times. Likewise with Medicare, wanted big cuts.

“He is a wheelchair over the cliff kind of guy, just like his hero, failed politician Paul Ryan, the FoxNews ratings destroyer who led Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign down the tubes.

“Globalist’s all! We want America first!!!”

Trump’s post referenced polling from the Emerson College which held he is leading Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 face-off, while the President leads against Nikki Haley and DeSantis.

Trump holds a four-point lead over Biden, with 46 percent saying they would support the former President in a rematch in 2024 and 42 percent saying they would back his successor.

However, Biden leads DeSantis by four points, 44 percent to 40, and Haley by three points, 40 to 37, in separate match-ups.

The Emerson College poll was conducted from February 24-25 with 1,060 registered voters, and had a margin of error of 2.9 percentage points.

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Later on Tuesday, after former GOP candidate Jeb Bush said he hoped DeSantis would face Biden, Trump raged again.

“So now we have ‘Jeb!’, RINO Paul Ryan, and Marxist George Soros wanting Ron DeSanctis—Does that tell you anything?” he said.

“Remember, Ron fought hard to very unfairly cut Social Security and Medicare. Also, wanted to raise the age limit for Social Security to at least 70-years-old.”

George Soros, a billionaire and regular fixture of globalist conspiracy theories, had previously predicted DeSantis would be the Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election, but has not endorsed him.

However, DeSantis did vote on nonbinding budget resolutions that called for raising the retirement age and slowing the rate at which future spending would grow in the 2010’s, despite them not coming to pass.


Meanwhile, DeSantis is touring the US to promote his book ‘The Courage to Be Free’, in which he writes offers a “blueprint for America’s revival”.

In his book, he describes Trump as someone with “unique star power” and a “massive following”, but rubbishes the former President’s claims he “begged” for an endorsement in 2018.

Speaking to conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt earlier in February, Trump claimed that “DeSantis got elected because of me”.

However, the Governor wrote he asked Trump for the endorsement while running that year, but “was not holding my breath”.