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Brits have been warned to brace for floods following heavy rainfall earlier this week with risks of flooding in houses and properties – especially close to rivers. Central, Tayside & Fife, Strathclyde, South West Scotland and the Lothian borders, North West England, Yorkshire and the Humber, East Midlands, West Midlands, and Wales are all anticipated to have persistent rain. Seven flood warnings and 30 flood alerts are still in place.

The Met Office has warned commuters that heavy rain is expected to fall in the Midlands, northern England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland this morning, with some areas receiving up to 100mm of rain.

The public is warned to plan on extended travel times since the Met Office has issued warnings for spray and flooding on roads.

Rainfall of above 100 mm is possible in some regions, while 40–70 mm downpours are anticipated “quite widely”. The Met Office forecasts showers along with windy conditions.

Rain warnings are in effect for most of Wales, portions of England, and Scotland pp until 3 pm today. In Northern Ireland, however, the severe weather warnings will remain in force until 10 am. 

RAC Breakdown spokesman Rod Dennis said: “Wintery conditions are far from over so drivers need to stay aware of the risks posed by a continuation of cold weather. Many roads are likely to be slippery as a result of low overnight temperatures affecting surfaces that remain wet from either snow or rain this week.

“We urge drivers to keep a close eye on the weather forecast and heed any warnings, and to set out fully prepared – this means always having a winter coat and extra layers of clothing in the car, as well as food and drink, a mobile phone power bank and phone charging cable to hand.”

The remainder of the UK, notably the southern and eastern regions, will have drier weather with heavy cloud cover and gusty winds.

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There are six flood warnings and 33 less serious flood alerts in place across England. 

Met Office Chief Forecaster Dan Suri said: “An area of low pressure moving eastward has brought a mild, and blustery start to the week for much of England and Wales, with showers and some coastal gales.

“As we head through the second half of the week conditions turn milder, wetter and windier from the west.”

Southern regions should anticipate a milder Thursday, while weather maps indicate that London areas might still experience up to 5mm of rainfall.